About Us

Who we are – WE ARE Solution PROVIDERS

We’re Pillars, a social Business communications Club based in India. We understand the importance of a Service Industry presence. A service industry provides people with intangible products or services and completes tasks that are useful to customers, clients, businesses or the general public. Service industries are an important part of society for a variety of reasons, including: Delivering essential services to the public.

What we do –

Business Boxs start on 1st August 2022, at Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We have designed a Business-to-Business unique platform to the Distributors and the retailers, who are working with the service industry. There are 14 different business segments we have integrated in our Business Modules. Now a days all businesses run with the auto mode with the help of Information Technology, we also come with Our Website, Mobile Application & social Media. Our Business Module Provides freedom of time and zero investments to start our Business Partners business and there are no location boundaries to do business.